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Hardy makes top four (or five?) on Idol; has mentoring session with Lauren Daigle

Posted at 9:39 PM, May 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-05 23:38:25-04

Louisiana’s Laine Hardy advanced to the top four on American Idol tonight after a mentoring session with Lauren Daigle.

He survived tonight’s episode, in which two contestants were eliminated – and then one was brought back by the judges. That means five contestants will appear on next week’s episode.

Hardy, who was a contestant on last year’s program, got back on the show after he went to a friend’s audition to play the guitar and was recognized by the judges. They made him sing, and gave him a golden ticket. His friend got eliminated early on, but he keeps advancing.

Tonight the contestants performed two songs. The first was a collection of songs from Woodstock. Hardy sang “I don’t need no doctor,” a Joe Cocker song. Here’s the video:

Then, after a session with Daigle during which she quizzed him about tomatoes in gumbo (heck no) and then tried to teach him to Cajun dance (pauve ti bete), he performed Johnny B. Goode for the judges. Katy Perry pretended to faint, Lionel Richie said he “was in love” with what Hardy was doing, and Luke Bryan said he had “nothing to say.”

Here’s the video:

Daigle auditioned twice for American Idol but never got past the top 24. Now, she’s a Grammy-winning artist.