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Landry says they’re trying again to pass bill abolishing death penalty

Posted at 2:01 PM, Mar 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-13 15:01:03-04

State Rep. Terry Landry says he will be bringing back his bill abolishing the death penalty.

Landry, who has been working for several sessions with State Sen. Dan Claitor to abolish the law, says they will be pre-filing a bill in the next couple of weeks.

Twice before, a version of the bill has failed. Landry, who is a retired State Trooper and former Superintendent of State Police, says he’s hopeful this year.

“It’s hard to say, it’s difficult,” Landry said of his bill’s chances. “We came within one vote in the past.”

Landry said that the bill at least is accomplishing one thing.

“What we intended initially was to start the debate, and we’ve been successful at that,” Landry siad. “Sometimes the best piece of legislation takes several tries before it passes.”

Landry said they’re working on some modifications to the bill.

“It may be a different variation of what we’ve had in the past, but we’re discussing how we can make the bill better,” Landry said.

In the past, Landry has described the death penalty as “barbaric” and “inhumane.”