Local meat market feels prepared for possible meat shortage

processing plants slowed production due to COVID-19
Posted at 10:24 PM, May 07, 2020

There's been national coverage discussing the possibility of a meat shortage because many processing plants have shut down or slowed down production due to coronavirus. Hebert's Speciality Meats says they believe they will be able to keep up with demand.

"Nobody is going to restaurants right now. Everyone is staying at home cooking. So, it's busier than normal," said Quinn Hebert.

Keeping up with the demand for meat hasn't been a problem. However, the biggest noticeable change has been pricing.

"Most of the stuff probably went up 75 percent. So, we're talking like two dollars a pound extra," said Hebert.

Even with a few price changes, owner of Hebert's Speciality Meats says everything that happens to local markets is a trickle-down effect.

"We get it from a second party, the people who they get it from is who's starting to limit their workers and not kill as many animals, stuff like that," said Hebert.

For the staff at specialty meats, there's no panic. They are simply adjusting their business plan.

"We have plenty of it, but as we hear starting next week, it might start to get worse, but we're not going to know until then. It's a day by day process," said Hebert.