GoodWill continues mission to serve amid COVID-19

Posted at 6:55 PM, Apr 02, 2020

Many of us are trying to find ways to keep busy.

For some, that means getting rid of things you no longer need around the house, but instead of throwing things out, how about giving them away?

Throughout the coronavirus crisis, people in Acadiana are trying to find ways to do good. They are finding some unique ways like continuing to donate to places like GoodWill. Donation sites across Acadiana remain open and the staff is taking added precautions to make sure everyone stays safe.

For organizations like GoodWill, they need community support of donations like clothes and household items to sell to continue serving their mission.

"It's really the funding mechanism for our mission services office," said GoodWill Acadiana President and CEO Deacon Ed Boustany. "We provide high centered GED training free of cost to students, job assistance, cover letter writing, resume writing, interview skills, training and such."

When you typically donate at GoodWill, an employee will greet you at your car and help you unload. Now, their setup is self-service.

"We have donation bins setup outside under the cover. The donor can come in and just deposit those donations directly," Boustany said.

Jim McManus made a donation on Thursday. He said he and his wife now have time for spring cleaning.

"I hope it's some help. Obviously, everybody wants to do something. It seems like us retirees there's not much we can do except be careful."

With every donation, GoodWill is following guidelines from the CDC.

"We set everything aside for seven to nine days so that any concerns we had with the virus, based on the CDC should be safe after that," Boustany said.

If you're looking to shop at any of the GoodWIll locations, the retail store is closed, but you can shop online to help GoodWill continue its mission of serving the community.