DTA set to host virtual concert series

DTA Event Graphic.png
Posted at 10:50 PM, Mar 25, 2020

The Downtown Alive! Spring season may have been initially cancelled because of the coronavirus, but the show will go on with a much different look.

DTA is optimistic their decision will make a lot of people happy to carry on a Friday night tradition.

Starting Friday, DTA will host House Sessions. They want you to be comfortable in your living room, mindful of social distancing all while taking in music from local artists.

"People are really excited, but there are people that are like you can't do that. It's like wait, it's virtual," Maureen Foster, the Director of Downtown Lafayette Unlimited.

This is the first time DTA will host a virtual concert series. As you can imagine, there have been a few logistical challenges, but the musicians are used to live streaming.

"The musicians are all so creative and talented," Foster said.

Lane Mack will kick off the series.

"I'm excited for it. A lot of musicians are sitting at home, all on Facebook doing live shows. I'm just another one in the sea of musicians doing live shows and all right now."

Mack says his band has lost a lot of gigs because of the coronavirus including DTA and Jazz Fest.

"You know, of course that puts me and my band out of some money and some scratch," Mack said. "We've been practicing and working really hard. To not be able to show that off is something different."

During the live stream, DTA is enabling viewers to top the band, buy band merchandise and DTA merchandise.

"It's a really awesome safe way for us to keep the music alive, help our musicians and maybe help Downtown Alive too. We'll have our merch on sale and we'll give a portion to our musicians as well," Foster said.

Mack said the concert Friday night will be very intimate and likely performed from his living room. He's encouraging people to go as comfy as they'd like.

"You'll be able to see me. I'll definitely have pants on for the show. I can't see you so you guys out there can do whatever you want," Mack said.

The concert starts at 7:00 Friday night and will be streamed on the DTA Facebook page.