1,707 people in hospital with COVID-19 31% on ventilators

Posted at 9:57 PM, Apr 03, 2020

LAFAYETTE — All but three parishes in Acadiana are reporting cases of COVID-19. The state total is now more than 10,000 cases. Deaths from COVID-19 are up by 60, and are now at 370. Lafayette Parish still has the most cases reported locally, with at least 276. Across Acadiana, at least 13 people have died from COVID-19, and there are at least 779 cases. Those cases are putting a strain on hospital resources like ICU beds and ventilators.

Like in much of the state, ICU beds and ventilators are in demand in Acadiana. Out of the 10,297 COVID-19 cases in Louisiana, 1,707 are in the hospital, and 31% of them are on ventilators.

"You can imagine, we're competing with the rest of the country for these resources, so for supplies, for staff. Back to what our mayor-president said, we need our community to really step up," Dr. Tina Stefanski with the Department of Health said at a press conference in Lafayette on Friday.

Looking the Department of Health's data for region four, which includes most of Acadiana, of the 198 ventilators available, 93 are in use. As for ICU beds, region four has 165 available and 130 are in use.

"The federal government, the CMS, the insurance agencies, are all trying to lift restrictions so hospitals can increase spaces within their walls. Increase spaces in their hospital to put beds," Dr. Stefanski said.

Stefanski says the state continues to request more ventilators and Lafayette has already received some.

"Those have already been allocated to hospitals that are seeing the most patients," Dr. Stefanski said.

Stefanski also stressed during the meeting the importance of staying home.