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Laura impacts agriculture in Cameron, Calcaiseu parishes

Posted at 12:12 PM, Aug 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-31 13:12:49-04

Louisiana Farm Bureau brings us video from Cameron and Calcasieu parishes, where Hurricane Laura had quite an impact on the agriculture.

Laura demolished not only homes and camps, but a number of farm buildings and equipment. The storm also ripped apart grain and rice silos.

Farmers say the constant rain in the area after the storm passed could mean any crops stored in those bins are lost.

"Anything that was a metal structure, it's either gone or demolished or beyond repair. Most of the houses that were tore up had metal roofs and the wind just pulled the metal off and the wind just pulled the roof right off it. The bins that had grain in it are still standing, but they don't have a top," explains James "Bozo" Cox, President, Cameron Parish Farm Bureau.

In Calcasieu Parish, home and farm owners are still figuring out how they'll rebuild after Laura blew through the area.

Willie Danos rode out the storm and realized his roof was coming off when he saw water dripping into his home. Next thing he knew, the plywood was being ripped away.

"I wouldn't recommend staying, but I guess I'm older now, but I didn't think we were in danger," says Danos, who is president of the Calcasieu Parish Farm Bureau. "We weren't scared. We were moving things around. We didn't panic. We were moving things around and save some items. It made time go by quicker than just sitting on the sofa and listening to everything. But anyway, I wouldn't recommend again to do that."