Breaux Bridge Native Creates Online Platform for Help with Virtual Class

Breaux Bridge Native Creates Online Platform for Help with Virtual Class
Posted at 7:24 AM, Sep 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-22 08:24:45-04

The thought of kids learning from home across the country raised some concerns for a couple of NYU grads.
"Parents who are essential workers or stressed for time may not be able to keep their student accountable and make sure they're keeping track of their tests. I mean many of us probably wouldn't be paying attention at 10, 15 even 17 if we were forced to be online," says Arielle Andrews who co-founded Lesson Check-In.

On top of this, finances are increasingly tight for many families, making it difficult to get students the special attention their studies may need.

This is whereLesson Check-In comes in. It's an online platform where kids can get help with any of their school work, completely free. Right now the volunteers hail from all over, boasting some pretty impressive backgrounds.

"We are essentially just a platform for connection so we don't want to charge people to be introduced to people beyond their jurisdiction or even beyond their imagination. We've got PHD's signed up to coach people on algebra. We really wanted to make it free to stick to our own values," says Andrews.

"Really allowing them to break down those barriers so anyone can get help whatever the case may be," adds co-founder and Acadiana native, Tyler Benjamin.

One major inspiration for the concept was his upbringing in Breaux Bridge.

"I grew up one of eleven. We weren't rich. Very underprivileged but it was things like this that I saw that I was like there has to be some way to change it. I see Lesson Check-In being an avenue to create education reform in many ways," says Benjamin.