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Acadiana Farmers face major losses due to inflation and summer conditions

Posted at 10:05 AM, Sep 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-30 19:19:55-04

We all know farming isn’t easy every year is a gamble. This year being no different, some farmers in Acadiana say inflation and heavy rains everyday are hurting their bottom line.

From medium grain rice to long grain rice as well as brown rice this farm has it all. Rice specialist Ronnie Levy shares how rice is produced.

“This is a rice pennicle, as you can see this is where the hules if they were removed you would have brown rice and in that brown rice they polish the brown layer, off and that’s where you would have the white table rice that you would see in your packages.“

Also with inflation rasing prices everywhere around the world, the production of rice is no different.

“Well we had a lot of cost additives this year, our fertilizer cost went out of the roof, basically famers were paying over twice as much for the inputs for fertilizer this year, with that higher fuel prices,” said Ronnie Levy who is a LSU Rice Specialist.

Inflation affected fuel prices for sugarcane farms, Owner Eddie Cane who says because of this it will hinder profits.

“Harvest season should be a great crop it's a bumper crop, we got the correct amount of rainfall, we got the right sun no hurricanes, the only thing were facing right now is inflation. We’re facing the cost of fuel the fuel doubling so that's going to kind of hinder our profits, and kind of keep us around a break even point if we can harvest the cane within a reasonable amount of time.”

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