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Award-winning gospel singer Hawthorne meets fans in hometown

Posted at 9:28 PM, May 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-06 23:26:06-04

Abbeville honored a hometown award-winning gospel artist, Koryn Hawthorne.

Last week, Hawthorne won the Billboard Music Award for “Best Gospel Song” for her song “Won’t he do it.” She was nominated for two other Billboard awards. Earlier this year Hawthorne and her song were nominated for a Grammy Award.

Today some of her biggest fans got a chance to meet her. Five-year-old, Tori and her mom Ashlyn Thompson were at the meet and greet in Abbeville.

“She looks up to Koryn, I talk to Tori all the time she wants to be a singer now,” Thompson said.

The mother and daughter duo have been following Hawthorne since she was a contestant on “The Voice” in 2015.

Tori calls Koryn ‘her bestie’, “She’s really so pretty because I like how she sings, and she sings loud and clear, and she’s a beautiful girl, and she’s amazing.”

“We listen to her every morning, on our way to school and work. That’s our theme. It’s very inspiring to keep God first and follow your dreams,” Her mother said.

This is the third time they have met Hawthorne.

“She never forgets where she came from, she comes back and gives to the community. So that’s very encouraging she’s a part of us, were all family,” Ashlyn Thompson explained.

Hawthorne says it’s fans like them who inspire her.

5 year old Tori holds up pictures of her and ‘her bestie’

“They (young girls) are probably my biggest supporters. I’m always getting messages on Facebook and social media, seeing videos of little girls loving the songs. and I’m just happy I can be a positive role model for them. In this day and age it’s very important we need more positive women so I love it,” Hawthorne said.

The gospel star says she’s using her platform for more than just fame and glory.

“It’s not just about me that other people are involved too, so it gives me courage to keep going and remember that I’m fighting for something bigger than myself,” Hawthorne said.