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Vermilion home a target for scrap metal thieves

Posted at 6:29 PM, Apr 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-02 19:43:31-04

A Vermilion Parish family says someone’s cashing out on scrap metal found on their property.

A majority of the tin on the family’s shed in Henry, is now gone, with foot prints left behind.

They believe thieves are making quick cash by selling items some wouldn’t find valuable.

“I was like, really, are you serious,” Brandi St Germain said. “This is what people are doing now.”

The family is in the process of demolishing their home on the property and each time they come back, they notice items are missing.

When the family noticed some of their tin was missing from their shed, they figured it was probably from strong winds. However, they realized someone was doing it intentionally when they noticed footprints left behind.

According to the family their property has frequently been a target for thieves frequently.

“They steal our water pump and we can’t have water here because they keep stealing it,” St. Germain said.

“We’ve filed multiple reports, but you can’t patrol all the time,” St Germain said.”There are other things that are priority and I want to raise awareness to watch your belongings, because someone is stealing them. ”

She’s now encouraging other families who live nearby to not be a victim and to keep a close eye out for thieves.