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Car in old oak tree in Vermilion Parish comes down

Posted at 4:40 PM, Feb 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-13 17:51:14-05

After nearly four decades in an Abbeville tree, a 1973 Plymouth Fury is coming down.  According to Debi Barron Steen, her husband Charley owns the vehicle that’s been on Highway 82.

“We have enjoyed so many people knocking on our door for years now, asking to take pictures. It all started years ago as a joke and 37 years later it was time to take the car down as the limb that the car rested on was showing some distress. Charley decided to remove the car and called a tree specialist to come tend to the live oak tree.”

Debi Barron Steen
Debi Barron Steen
Debi Barron Steen