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Vermilion Parish student pleading with school board for unity

Posted at 10:54 PM, Jan 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-29 21:10:56-05

A Vermilion Parish student is pleading with the school board for unity and better representation.

Caleb Reese, who attends North Vermilion High School, wrote a letter to each school board member, hoping to evoke change.

It all started after student government day, where Reese says learning about the government inspired him to reach out to his school board member.

“I just think that they are completely divided and they are not coming together. No longer is it about the students, but instead it’s about one person or four people against each other, instead of trying to come together and find a solution for the students and not for themselves,” Reese said.

He believes even one person can make a change, so he decided to do just that. He mailed a letter to all eight school board members and the superintendent.

“Unity, just unity. Just come together and stop arguing all the time. Stop going four to four. Just have some kind of unity between the board,” Reese said.

School Board President Jean Broussard says he is proud of Reese for expressing himself.

“Well, well-written letter. He talked about the dysfunction of the Vermilion Parish school board and he quoted some policies on how we are supposed to reflect a positive image to the community and the school and I couldn’t agree with him more,” Broussard said.

The new president and Reese want to see more teamwork and less division.

“It takes a team. It’s not just four people. It’s not just four people and it’s not just one person. It takes the entire team from top to bottom and I feel like they need to realize there is a team and they are working as one team and not a split board,” Reese said.

“I have actually met with him and talked to him and I told him that think his letter was right on. Very well written and very powerful,” Kristy Hebert said.

You can find a copy of the letter below,.