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Three Abbeville brothers become firefighters

Posted at 6:01 PM, Jan 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-18 19:50:31-05

The Landry brothers from Abbeville never planned to go into the same career. Becoming firefighters just kind of happened.

First, the youngest brother, Darius, enrolled to become a firefighter, then his two older brothers, Brent and Tony, joined later.

“We try to make it a family thing and follow in these guys’ footsteps. I always thought one day they were going to follow in mine, and now, I’m following in their footsteps,” joked the oldest brother Tony.

But they say they did always know they wanted to help others in the community.

“My mother and my father always helped somebody, gave back, you know. I think for us, I can speak for all three of us, that’s what pushed us to want to go out and help the community, to help somebody else,” said Brent.

Working alongside each other can make for some healthy competition.

“The two-minute drill, that’s what we rub in each other’s face,” laughed Darius.

But it also gives them someone to talk to, someone who can help during tough times.

“Just picking the phone up, calling my two brothers: ‘Hey, look this is what happened to me. What is your input? What could I do better?’ So, it’s always something that we call each other and help each other out and lift each other up,” said Brent.