VPSB assigns committee to Puyau investigation

Posted at 6:08 AM, Aug 17, 2018

The Vermilion Parish School Board has formed a committee to investigate complaints against Superintendent Jerome Puyau. Last week, the board put Puyau on administrative leave pending that investigation.

“Mr. David Dupuis, Mr. Jean, and Kathy– they are going to look into the information, see what’s valid, make sure the people are willing to come forward with the complaint, and put everything together. A hearing officer has been selected; that’s per policy,” Board President Stacy Landry said.

David Dupuis and Jean Broussard are both members of the school board. Kathy Boudreaux is a member of the district’s legal and risk management team. Attorney Ed Abell will serve as a hearing officer if a grievance is filed. The board also voted to have a legal counsel on standby if Puyau sues, or they need extra advice.

“If we would happen to need legal counsel, which a couple of weeks ago we needed a lot, and we didn’t have anybody. Now, we do have Kathy on board. I would like the motion to read if we do need assistance from Hammonds and Seals. It would have to be only our legal counsel or the board president to seek it,” Landry said.

KATC attained a list of complaints read at last week’s special meeting. Among the complaints on the list, Puyau “acts as a CEO and not an instructional leader” and that he is a “micromanager.” Landry said that all formal complaints are due by Friday at 5 p.m.

The board president and members of the new committee declined to comment after the meeting. The superintendent also said he is not ready to comment.