Abbeville resident dealing with ant infestation

Posted at 10:33 PM, Aug 09, 2018

In Vermilion Parish, Tyeneshia Mitchell, a resident at Live Oak Manor says she is struggling with an ant-infested home. Mitchell said it is so bad, she and her children can only use one room in their three bedroom apartment.

“Sweeping all day, spraying raid all day, putting powder down. Is it working? No, not at all,” Mitchell said.

“I’ve been dealing with ants, the bad ants. I’ve called constantly since I moved here. I’ve asked them could they move me. I have two children, a three-year-old and a six-year-old. They keep telling me they were going to move me and move me, they never moved me,” Mitchell said.

Tyneisha said the ants have been there since she moved to the complex in April. She said the infestation is so bad her children can’t sleep or play in their rooms. Her children are even afraid to take a bath.

“In my bathroom, in room three I guess they would call it, which is my little girls’ room and its a lot of ants, beaucoup u ants. I am just tired of dealing with it. Where are the ants coming from? I guess out the wall,” Mitchell said.

KATC stopped by the Live Oak Manor office before the close of business and the door was locked. We also called and left messages for management, but are still waiting on a callback

After our interview with Tyneisha, she received good news from management. They plan to move her to a new apartment by Wednesday.

“But I know if I wouldn’t have never called y’all, I would have still been waiting,” she said.