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Fish kill spotted in St. Mary Parish

Posted at 9:11 PM, Jun 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-10 23:56:26-04

Just days after heavy rainfall and flooding, some are complaining about a rotting problem in some parts of St.Mary Parish.

Dead fish have been spotted inside the Lakeside subdivisions canal. Recent storms are contributing to fish kills.

“The dead fish are floating on people’s property and hung up on their docks,” Nuisance Wildlife Operator Ryan Smith said. “The biggest thing (residents) they’re complaining about is the smell.”

Fish kills have also been spotted near Lake Fausse Pointe. Smith says the reason behind this is because of low oxygen levels.

“Due to the tidal movement and dying vegetation, it’s sucking the oxygen out of the water,” Smith said. “That is the source of this particular fish kill,”

He added, “They(Lakeside Subdivision) have a large gate at the end of the canal that blocks off the Lake Palourde. That’s due to the rising water obviously to protect people’s homes and belongings. The fish don’t have anywhere to go once they die. The water can’t be re-oxygenated.”

This, sparking a change to how some hoped to spend their summer.

“It’s changed the way people operate in their yards,” Smith said. “Even if you could come on the dock and catch some fish in the evenings, people just don’t want to be out here right now. So its definitely impacting the way people operate whether it’s due to the fish kill or not wanting to be in their yard for the smell and sight. “