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Shrimp and Petroleum Festival comes to a close

Posted at 6:00 PM, Sep 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-03 19:11:40-04

People at the Louisiana Shrimp and Petroleum Festival in Morgan City kept an eye on the radar for storms that threatened the festival’s last day.

Despite the rain, this Labor Day tradition thrives.

“We’ve been so blessed because they forecasted 100% rain, 90% rain. It rained a little bit, but then everyone started pouring in. We’re blessed right now,” said Evelyn Vielman.

For the last seven years, Vielman and her husband have opened a seafood booth at the Shrimp and Petroleum Festival. She says business is good and there is always a crowd.

“There was one time when Hurricane Lee came over here and people still showed up,” Vielman said. “It doesn’t matter, people come and they show up under the bridge when it pours.”

Diehard festival goers say whether it’s rain or shine, the Shrimp and Petroleum Festival is one of the best festivals in Acadiana.

“It rains every year for this festival. We just deal with it,” said Kristy Gant. “It’s good enough and fun. You grab your boots and call it a day.”

For the most part on Monday, the rain held out and families flocked to the festival rides.

“It’s family oriented. This has been a tradition in my family for over 30 years. My father is a shrimper and we have always done the blessing of the fleet and those things. It’s a great environment,” Gant said.

The festival honors those who work through all weather conditions to provide the areas economic lifeblood.

“It’s great for the economy here and it’s great for all of the individuals who come in and get to experience the Cajun culture and experience what home is,” Gant said.