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St. Martin Parish boy honored for saving sisters life

Posted at 10:33 PM, Jun 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-15 16:52:12-04

A young boy from St. Martin Parish is being honored after saving his little sister’s life. His quick thinking is the reason his little sister is still alive.

Alexander McGee now knows what it means to be a true hero.

“I was scared… because I thought she was going to drown,” McGee said.

Two weeks ago, Alexander McGee and his siblings were getting ready to get in the pool. His younger sister found her way into the pool before getting her floaties.

“She was floating under the water and I ran and told my mama,” McGee said.

With his quick thinking, Alexander found his mother, who got his sister out of the pool and called 911.

The St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Department honored McGee in a special way. Friday, deputies stopped by the McGee home and presented Alexander with a “lifesaving award” and a badge.

When asked if he thought he was a hero, Alexander said yes.

“Because I saved my sister’s life,” McGee said.

Alexander’s mother, Hope McGee, says although the incident was scary, it was also a learning lesson. She now has a new protocol in place when it comes to pool time.

“We very proud of him. Me and his daddy both. Everybody in the family is proud of him,” Hope McGee said.