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State agency looking into possible water in fuel tanks after June 6 flood

Posted at 6:09 PM, Jun 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-11 22:32:27-04

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) is looking into possible water in fuel purchased at gas stations at the Henderson I-10 exits.

The investigation comes after the area heavily flooded last week.

Today, crews at one of those gas stations told us they were pumping water from gas tanks.

Drivers in the area who say they’ve been battling this issue since Thursday’s flood.

“We’ve been getting water in fuel tanks every time we have this flood because the water can’t go nowhere,” said Freddie Breaux, Jr.

Breaux says his diesel truck alerted him of water in his tank after filling up at an Exxon station on Grand Point Highway. Since then, he’s drained his tank five times.

“I don’t blame the fuel station because they’re flooding. I blame it on the state [for not] cleaning the ditches to let the water out.”

In our initial call to the LDAF, they said they obtained fuel samples from another gas station nearby, and those results show there was no water in the fuel. After alerting them about the pumping truck, they then informed us they would look further into the issue.

“They need to fix our problem and save our stations,” said Breaux.

The owner of the Exxon Station located at 2987 Grand Pointe Hwy tells KATC that her station did not flood and no water was found in the fuel tanks on her property.