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Propser says he’ll resign after mayor’s husband is arrested again

Posted at 5:47 PM, May 12, 2019

St. Martinville Mayor Pro Tem Craig Prosper says he is planning to announce his resignation next week.

Prosper told us his decision came after Mayor Melinda Mitchell’s husband, Lawrence Mitchell, was arrested for the third time for violating a protective order – then was released hours later after posting only $500 in bond.

The Daily Iberian broke the story; to read their post click here.

This time, Mitchell’s violation came during a council meeting. To read our story about that, and Mitchell’s arrest, click here. The protective order was issued in January, after Mitchell was accused of assaulting Prosper in December. Within hours of its issuance, Mitchell was accused of violating it.

He allegedly violated it again during a City Council meeting.

“He walked into the meeting with his hands in his pocket and they thought he had a gun,” Prosper said. “I asked the mayor to stop the meeting and ask him to leave and she didn’t do anything.”

We tried to speak to the mayor but weren’t able to reach her.

Prosper said Mitchell hasn’t been prosecuted on the first two violations, either. This was his third alleged violation and his bond was only $500, Prosper said.

“It’s ridiculous if we cant protect the people in our community,” Prosper said. “I’m not going to walk around the town and feel like I need to have a gun in my possession all the time to protect myself.”

Prosper said he is resigning as soon as someone can replace him.

“It’s my family, I’m worried for my family and their safety. Its just pitiful that we have to go through this,” Prosper said. “I’ve spent over $4,000 on this issue this year, and he out of jail in less than 12 hours. I have no protection from judicial system. It’s costing way too much money and too much time and its a burden on my family to worry about their safety.”

Prosper said he’s meeting with his attorneys and the District Attorney tomorrow about this issue.