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District Attorney dismisses murder charges

Posted at 6:53 PM, Sep 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-12 22:18:51-04

The St. Landry District Attorney is dismissing murder charges against a man in jail for a 2016 double homicide.

David Miller was one of three people indicted in connection with that case.

On Monday, District Attorney Earl Taylor’s office filed a motion to dismiss the charges against Miller due to “insufficient evidence.”

The decision to dismiss is not sitting well with the victim’s family.

“How you hit someone and shoot somebody in the head and shoot them that many of times. Then, shoot the car up that many of times. Didn’t have no heart or sympathy for nothing,” said Lisa Colla.

Her son, Nakia Ramer, Jr. was murdered.

“I still go through it everyday,” Colla said. “All I have is memories of my son and his kids growing up without their dad.”

Nakia and his friend Shawn Parish were found shot to death in a car on a rural St. Landry Parish road. Detectives say physical evidence collected at the crime scene pointed to Miller and two other suspects.

“Lethal injection or whatever to them because what they did to my son and my nephew, that was harsh,” said Colla.

Court documents show Miller’s attorney has been pushing for his bond to be reduced. A motion from the State’s discovery says, “David Miller did not commit the homicides.” The lead detective’s notes points to a jailhouse confession which lead to that conclusion.

Nakia’s family does not believe it.

“A guy in jail, he called us and told us he put money on his books for him to tell the DA he had nothing to do with the murder,” Colla said.

She also says she is scared for her family and is worried what Miller and people he is connected to are capable of doing. For now, Colla is finding comfort in her faith.

“David Miller, you’re not going to walk away,” Colla said. “He’s going to come back for you and you better watch yourself. God is going to work it out.”

At this time, Miller remains in the St. Landry Parish jail on unrelated charges and there is no timetable on when he could be released.

We also reached out to District Attorney Earl Taylor and Sheriff Bobby Guidroz for comment. As of news time, neither has returned our calls.