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'Self-proclaimed' Crawfish Ambassador creates Facebook group for up-to-date crawfish info

Posted at 11:31 AM, Jan 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-31 12:44:59-05

LAFAYETTE, La. - Want to know who's boiling up crawfish in Acadiana? What the crawfish are looking like? Pricing, order sizes and wait times? Well, now there's a local Facebook group to keep you up-to-date on all of your crawfish cravings.

Candy Domengeaux is being recognized around Acadiana as the Crawfish Ambassador. Or as she notes, the "self-proclaimed" Crawfish Ambassador. It all stems from her love of boiled crawfish. She recognized a need to create a "crawfish hub" on Facebook. (

She encourages members to use the group as a platform for sharing their personal crawfish experiences at local restaurants, in real-time. Everyone has their own opinion of what they consider "the best". Domengeaux encourages members to use the group as a platform for sharing their personal crawfish experiences at local crawfish-boiling restaurants, in real-time. "This group will help you determine which crawfish is "the best" for you," she says.

She's created a boiled crawfish restaurant and drive-thru directory, with the help of the Lafayette Travel website, and updates it weekly.

And on Fridays, she gathers all of the pricing that she can find from crawfish-boiling restaurant Facebook posts and sends out a pricing alert post.

"It's all about sharing as much information about boiled crawfish as I can and getting others to share their experiences as well," shared Candy. "Before creating this group, I used to get daily messages and texts from people during the season asking me questions about where they should go for crawfish. I've joked for years about spending so much time answering questions about crawfish that I should become the Crawfish Ambassador." Laughing about her self-proclaimed title, she continued, "I mean, I'm not the Crawfish Queen. I don't reign over them. I'm the Ambassador because I'm here to help advocate for them and bring them to the people."

Rules of Engagement for the Candy's Crawfish Tales Page:

1. Post pics of your crawfish.

2. Tag the restaurant or drive-thru.

3. Give your best critique on a 1-5 claw scale. Include size of crawfish, ease of peeling, claws (juicy or too hard), pricing, order sizes, wait times, etc. Don't forget about the sides. How do the potatoes and corn rank? What about their dipping sauces?

4. Encourage your friends to join the group so we can all experience the best crawfish season yet.

5. The Crawfish Ambassador's Golden Rule for the group: All crawfish deserve to be loved. No crawfish/restaurant-shaming.