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Pandemic related snap benefits have come to an end

Posted at 7:30 PM, Mar 01, 2023

Titiana Viator and Paula Viator have known each other for 48 years.

One of the things they do together is shop for food.

Both women are faced with the upcoming reduction of snap benefits.

"Basically I would have to take my own money, and buy more groceries to last me the month it will affect a lot of people." said Titinia Duhon, snap beneficiary.

This mother says, with food costing more her shelves in her pantry and refrigerator are becoming more and more bare.

Both women say inflation is hurting and when their benefits are reduced they are going to figure out a way to make sure they have enough food to last.

"I have macaroni, I have corn, I have my seasonings and, I have crackers and granola bars and some oatmeal." said Titinia Duhon, snap beneficiary.

Paula Viator says she is a senior citizen and has been receiving snap benefits for 15 years.

"I feel we should have more than what we've been getting " said Paula Viator, snap beneficiary.

With the changes starting to both Duhon and Viator say they are worried about the decrease in their benefits they will be receiving.

"I feel upset with it but I worry about people not being able to eat." said Titinia Duhon, snap beneficiary.