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Lafayette home set to be demolished after fire

Posted at 6:24 PM, Jun 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-28 19:24:57-04

A Lafayette home that caught fire nearly a year ago is set to be demolished.

Lafayette Consolidated Government says there are more than 1000 property complaints in the parish.

Those complaints included blighted properties with tall grass or environmental issues and some abandoned properties.

LCG says there are nearly two dozen properties in Lafayette Parish condemned and slated to be demolished. The city says it’s a lengthy process, but sometimes there are factors that can speed it up.

Once a complaint is filed, an inspector surveys the home.

Randy Viator, a housing inspector with LCG says if needed, a letter is then sent to the owner and they’re given 90 days to repair their home.

If nothing is done, the city takes several legal steps including passing an ordinance to condemn and demolish a property.

“The whole process takes about six to seven months from start to finish,” Viator said.

When a property is demolished, LCG foots the initial bill.

“Once the whole process is finished, we file a lien at the courthouse and then that is included in the tax bill that goes out,” said Viator.

District 8 council member Liz Webb Hebert is working to keep the Rena Drive home that caught fire in August 2018 secure until it is demolished. She also acknowledges there are other properties on the parish’s list to be demolished.

“If they have a question on a particular home that they think is taking too long, reach out to your council member to get a better understanding,” Hebert said. “It could be the homeowner is working on it the best they can or it was never brought to our attention.”

The Rena Drive home is set to be demolished beginning on July 15.