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Cajun Cannabis owner holds press conference following arrest

Posted at 7:34 PM, Apr 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-30 22:14:57-04

The owner of Cajun Cannabis is speaking out after bonding out of jail 24 hours ago.

During a news conference Tuesday afternoon, Travis DeYoung addressed some of the allegations against him.

He was arrested last week. He’s facing several charges, including a felony charge for the manufacturing, distribution and possession of marijuana.

DeYoung said he takes responsibility for the risk and actions since opening his store.

While he did answer several of our questions, DeYoung said he was limited in what he could say because of the ongoing investigation into his business.

He said he is confident with continued education about CBD, it will no longer be a controversial issue for people, law enforcement and politicians.

“I will continue to focus on education and information about CBD, which is a healthy alternative and natural healing substance,” said DeYoung.

During Tuesday’s news conference, DeYoung did not fully address the legality of CBD. When we asked about his reaction to the ATC and other law enforcement agencies saying it is illegal, he said, “No comment.”

Jacob Irving, an attorney who represents medical marijuana companies, said CBD is illegal statewide, and the argument being made that it is legal federally is misleading.

“While I support CBD, I can’t advise clients that it is currently legal under Louisiana law,” said Irving. “Change needs to happen at the capitol.”

In a previous interview with KATC, DeYoung told us his products go through three levels of testing to make sure they are tested for THC levels and other impurities.

Last week, Sheriff Mark Garber said through undercover operations, they purchased products from Cajun Cannabis. The products tested positive for CBD and THC oil.

“We are confident we have all of the documentation proving that we had the legal levels of all cannabinoid,” said DeYoung. “There was absolutely no illegal products or marijuana being sold in the store. Not one person was harmed in the operation of this business.”

Irving said, “As far as the arrest goes, they are justified in making an arrest, I think, under state law. The issue has never officially been litigated. When you hang a sign that says ‘cannabis,’ and you’re promoting CBD, there is probable cause to search the business.”

DeYoung plans to reopen Cajun Cannabis within the next week. For now, the store will not sell CBD oils or lotions.

This afternoon, the sheriff’s office released a statement:

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office understands the importance of protecting the well-being of everyone in Lafayette Parish and will continue to work daily to preserve your safety.

From start to finish, the sheriff’s office conducted a thorough and thoughtful investigation. This case directly followed the path laid out by Louisiana state law and the obligations of our law enforcement agency.

Moving forward, the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office will continue to assist our partners at the District Attorney’s Office and in the courts with this case as we do with every investigation as they fulfill their legal responsibilities.