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8-year-old battling leukemia sworn-in as Duson Police Officer

Posted at 11:07 AM, Apr 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-01 19:15:18-04

An 8-year-old boy battling leukemia was made an official Duson Police Officer.

Camden Barnard was diagnosed with cancer in late 2018. And on Monday, he took the oath of office as a Duson Police Officer surrounded by family, friends, and now his family in blue.

Today’s events all started after Duson Police Chief Kip Judice heard that Camden admired police officers. Hoping to instill a “hero attitude” to battle his leukemia, Judice offered to commission Camden as an officer in his department.

Camden’s recent treatments prevented the swearing-in ceremony from happening, until now.

Dressed in his replica Duson Police Uniform, Camden was sworn in by Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court Louis Perret at the Lafayette Parish Court House.

His oath, to swear and affirm to battle cancer with the same determination that Duson Police battle criminals. To give his all to the fight, according to Judice.

The duty belt around his waist, normally for guns or handcuffs, instead held germ masks and hand sanitizers. The tools Judice says Camden will need on his battle against cancer.

“If being a police officer gives Camden an ounce more of strength, then it’s a no brainer,” says Judice. “Camden will be given special privileges and authority as a Duson Police Officer to help him along through his journey. Duson Police Officers will be there with him through the toughest of times to motivate and encourage his will as he battles this disease.”

Judice says that his officers plan to offer themselves to Camden and his parents throughout his battle.