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Scott man has bike stolen, man steps in to buy replacement

Posted at 5:25 PM, Mar 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-25 18:34:19-04

A Scott man with mobility issues is searching for his stolen bike.

The bike was taken from his yard on Pecan Grove Road on Sunday morning. A report was filed with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office. So far, the owner says there are no leads.

Thanks to the power of social media, an Acadiana man is stepping up to help out.

“If I get a vision in my head, I can build it and my bike was my dream,” says Gene Vincent.

Vincent’s bike was his only mode of transportation. The trike was souped up. Vincent added lights, a basket and a small motor.

The bike, nicknamed “Big Bird” after it’s bright yellow color.

“I mean, I kinda took offense to it because I thought he was calling me that. he says no, that’s what we call your bike. Well, ‘Big Bird’ flew the coup. Now, I’m just trying to bring her back home,” Vincent said.

Vincent says he was surprised to see his bike was stolen because anytime someone is in the yard, his guard dog Princess alerts him.

“I don’t believe in a thief or stealing. if they needed it, they could have called or come and knocked at my door and ask to borrow it,” Vincent said.

He says he uses his bike to mainly go to doctor’s appointments across town at UHC and the grocery store.

“When I get on a bike,  I can go wherever I want.  The sky is the limit,” Vincent explained.

Sunday, Joey Allgood saw KATC ‘s Facebook post and is now stepping up to help. He ordered Vincent a new bike. The same color with a big basket.

Allgood does not want any attention but says “sometimes it’s just easier to do the right thing.”

“I can’t find the words to say how I feel, but Joey, I never met you, but your qualities as a man are great. It makes your heart feel good, it really does,” Vincent says

His new bike should be in by the end of the week.