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Drive-thru makes Ash Wednesday a blessing for busy faithful

Posted at 6:36 PM, Mar 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-06 19:36:06-05

It’s a drive-thru unlike any other in Lafayette. For one day only, people could come to First Lutheran to receive a holy blessing to-go.

Kammilah Williams is a busy lady with a son to drop off at school and volunteering to do across town.  She didn’t have time to attend a full mass on Ash Wednesday.

“I’m a devout Catholic,” Williams said.

So, Williams opted drive-thru option to receive ashes and a Lenten blessing at First Lutheran Church.
The practice is becoming more popular than the church expected.

“It’s been very surprising, we get from babies in car seats to football teams to truck drivers in 18 wheelers. A carload of individuals who are handicapped and a lot of our elderly folk who can’t get up and down as easily really appreciate the service we offer,” said Clair Fung of the First Lutheran Church.

The church says it’s a way to bring not only regular church goers, but some who are more hesitant back to God.

“We believe the church ought to go out and be sent, not necessarily just gather. We know there are people where church isn’t part of their discipline, but there is something about receiving ashes, connecting with this lenten season that people respond to,” said Pastor Rob Miller.

By mid-morning, almost a hundred people had passed through but for those who missed the drive-thru, The First Lutheran gave ashes at a 7:00 pm service as well.