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Some blame online shopping for store closures

Posted at 11:54 PM, Feb 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-16 00:54:36-05

Two stores filing bankruptcy will have impacts on Acadiana.

Things Remembered is closing its store in Acadiana Mall store while Payless is closing all of its stores in Acadiana and nationwide.

Some say online shopping is to blame.

“You know, the face of retail, the face of services has continually changed for hundreds of years,” said Lafayette Economic Development Authority CEO Gregg Gothreaux.

Now, the face of retail has been changed by the internet as no brick and mortar store can compete with the variety of online shopping.

Gothreaux says stores like Payless and Things Remembered just couldn’t keep up with the trends of today’s shoppers.

“It’s definitely a sign of the times. Malls are really struggling across the United States. We also are facing a national crisis when it comes to department stores and specific kinds of stores because, really, online shopping has taken over most things,” said Gothreaux.

In 2012, internet sales added up to $186 billion and nearly doubled by 2017. Some people say they’re shifting to online shopping because it’s just easier with more options and no line.

“It just depends on what I’m buying, but most of time, I’m online shopping because it’s way easier. For the things you need right away, you might just want to run to the store, pick it up, and then be on your way,” said shopper Aimee Guillory.

Another shopper agrees.

“It depends on what it is. Like groceries, definitely, I’ll come in. But, like, clothing, shoes, I’ll online shop for that. It’s way easier to choose what you want, see different options, and it’s just faster. You don’t have to get out of your house to go get it,” said Halli Declouet.