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Woodvale Elementary gets recess equipment

Posted at 12:29 PM, Feb 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-12 19:52:12-05

Woodvale Elementary students got to play with some new stuff during recess today.

PHI Inc. and the American Heart Association teamed up to provide recess equipment to their school, and the new recess equipment was presented to the school today.

It’s part of the Recess Reboot program.

Research has shown that if a child is overweight by their 12th birthday, there is a 70% chance that child will be overweight the rest of their life. Healthy (and unhealthy) behaviors form early.

The group estimates that about 2/3 of kids and half of adults still don’t get enough physical activity. The AHA’s recommendation of 60 minutes of daily physical activity is hard to reach without play equipment that gets kids moving during recess.

This Recess Reboot partnership provided new P.E. equipment to Woodvale Elementary School to ensure that they will have the resources available to promote physical activity and a healthy life style to those who may not have the opportunity otherwise, organizers say.

“So the more people, individuals, that we educate and starting with the students. The students, I’ve heard many stories where students have gone home and shared the information with parents. And parents have made lifestyle changes so they as well could live more healthy lives,” says Donna Ashcraft, senior regional director of the AHA.