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Will 5G cell services be coming to Lafayette?

Posted at 10:09 PM, Feb 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-09 00:10:11-05

LCG is looking at regulations that would help increase cell phone speed in Lafayette Parish.

Earlier this week, the Lafayette City-Parish Council discussed an introductory ordinance that will allow companies to build towers for 5G services.

“That’s the ‘going’ thing now, throughout America for that matter, moving from 4 to 5G and, of course, Lafayette wanting to be on the tech curve. I thought it was the appropriate thing to do,” said Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux, who authored the ordinance in order to start the process in bringing 5G capabilities to Lafayette.

This next generation of cell network will basically make it faster to stream music and transfer pictures, as well as make it easier to make calls during big events, like Mardi Gras or festivals.

“One of the things that affects my community dearly is the digital divide, so for me, it’s not only about what these devices look like, what these towers look like, but where are they going to be built, what gets deployed first, what level of service is going to be received in what area versus another,” Boudreaux explained.

In order for this to be available in Lafayette, LCG has to pass regulations when it comes to the transmitter towers that would be all around the city and unincorporated areas, from where the transmitters will be placed to making sure its aesthetically pleasing in the community.

“[The ordinance is] going to tell you what it’s going to cost. It’s going to tell you where it can go. It’s going to tell you what the structures and what the devices need to look like, among other things,” he said.

Although the ordinance is up for final adoption at the next council meeting, it doesn’t mean 5G network will be available on your phone immediately. It depends on when your provider builds towers in the area.

Boudreaux said this ordinance will prepare Lafayette for when they come.

“Although the device is not quite ready for deployment, members of the tech industry are gearing up to move forward. So, it was just a matter of getting Lafayette ready, being prepared, making sure that we have our laws in place,” he said.