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Acadiana ready to cheer on the Saints in the NFC Championship

Posted at 8:15 PM, Jan 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-18 21:15:25-05

When the Saints go marching into the NFC Championship game this weekend, cheers will echo from Acadiana all the way to the Super Dome.

At Our Lady of Fatima and throughout Acadiana with school children donning black and gold, pep rallies were held to get fans pumped up.

The excitement was also felt by kids at heart, like David Faulk, who owns Louisiana Hot Stuff. Faulk says all the madness takes him back in time.

“Business wise, its been great. And it reminds us of nine years ago when we did this and went all the way to the Super Bowl, and we’re planning on doing that again,” says Faulk.

From beads to hats to a best selling “Choppa Style” t-shirt, fans are picking up all they’ll need for game day.

“We are going to the game. We are so excited. We got last minute tickets, and we are going to celebrate,” says Louisiana Hot Stuff customer and Saints fan Aimee Guidry.

Not everybody was lucky enough to snag a ticket. That’s good news for Adrien’s Supermarket assistant manager Danny Louviere. He says based on a boost in sales, it looks like plenty of people will hold big celebrations at home.

“We definitely sell a lot more meat, a lot more gumbo supplies, chips and, of course, beer. It’s just a lot of excitement in the store, which is a good thing. It’s fun for the customers, and its also definitely good for business, which we appreciate,” says Louviere.

Just down Congress Street, the staff at Smitty’s Wings is looking forward to a game day party as well.

“We give drawings during the game: for half time, first quarter, second quarter, third quarter. Free drinks, free food, hats,” says owner Craig Smith.

Win or lose Sunday, the three-day weekend means a built in recovery period for football fans.