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ESA students bake cookies to give back and send girls to school

Posted at 5:30 PM, Dec 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-17 18:32:44-05

Tiny hands with a tall order to fill.

Joanne Broussard’s first-grade class at theEpiscopal School of Acadiana will bake and deliver more than one thousand cookies this week. This baking is the beginning of a Christmas gift the students hope never stops giving.

“We’re not going to give gifts like stuffed animals, we’re going to give like a different type of gift,” said first-grader Marie Armond.

“We are baking to send a girl to school,” Sharon Lazarus, another first grader added.

Pre-sold to students and teachers, the cookies are part of a fundraiser the students cooked up completely on their own. After learning about life and poverty in other countries, they wanted to make a difference in Africa by providing education.

“If we send a girl to school, everything will be changed!” Lazarus explained.

Through Heifer International, one girl’s schooling would cost $275. It’s money that the students say will make an impact on that girl’s life for generations to come.

“Well, that girl would be happy and she would be able to teach her kids and her kids would pass that on to their kids and their kids so they could read they could get jobs, they would have money,” Armond said.

The bake sale, the kids thought, would make them just enough. So their fundraising total came as a shock.

” I was like what how did we make this we were only supposed to make $275 but really we made $700,” Armond said.

Now, the students are excited at the potential of sending other girls to school or doing other projects to help those in need.

“I have my eyes on running water,” Lazarus explained.

Currently, the students are already looking at ways to give even more.