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Pending anti-LGBT lawsuit, Lafayette Library will “stand down” on Drag Queen Story Hour

Posted at 8:19 PM, Dec 12, 2018

The Lafayette Public Library will “stand down” on planning a Drag Queen Story Hour.

In an internal memo obtained by KATC, Library Director Teresa Elberson cited a pending federal lawsuit against Lafayette Consolidated Government.

“Thus, pending relevant rulings by the Court in the Litigation, the Lafayette Public Library cannot in any way allow a ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ whether through a program or otherwise,” Elberson wrote.

According to the memo, there are new protocols in place for reservation requests for meeting rooms. We have emailed LCG’s attorney, Joy Rabalais, asking what exactly those new protocols are. We are awaiting a response.

“There is an additional form that needs to be completed and additional procedures that need to be followed before an individual and/or entity is allowed to use a respective meeting room,” Elberson wrote.

The controversy started earlier this year, when news got out that UL’s Delta Lambda Phi Fraternity had planned to host a Drag Queen Story Time in October. Amid public outcry, the event was moved to SLCC, but ultimately postponed indefinitely because of concerns about overcrowding and security.

You can read more about the lawsuit here.