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Acadiana High seniors watch Bush’s funeral, learn about his legacy

Posted at 5:13 PM, Dec 05, 2018

As the nation watches the funeral of Former President George HW Bush, one teacher at Acadiana High School is using this moment in history as a lesson for her students.

“To his very last days, dad’s life was very instructive. As he aged he taught us how to grow with dignity, humor and kindness,” said George W. Bush during the eulogy of his father.

This is the first time the world history seniors at Acadiana High, and others their age, have watched the funeral of a US president.

Many of them have been asking a lot of questions,” said the history teacher, Ashley Spikes. “Like why are the past presidents there, how do they pick the military people that actually carry the casket, why is it public?”

The seniors in the class shared with KATC’s Dannielle Garcia about the legacy Bush Sr. leaves behind.

“You see the whole country come together, a lot of people supporting the president so I find that it brings a sense of togetherness in the United States,” said Jason Matte.

“It’s inspiring to see that one person can have so much impact on all of us,” commented another student, Hailee Mouton.

“In his 90’s he took great delight when his closest pal, James A Baker, smuggled a bottled of Grey Goose vodka into his hospital room,” the students could hear the former president’s son say over the TV.

“They said that he was really a remarkable person and that even though he still ran the country, he still loved jokes and talked to people and made time for personal conversations with people,” said Kinsley Stelly.

In 1992, the former president made a stop at Acadiana High during his re-election tour.

Now, decades later, these students who were born after his presidency are learning from his legacy.

“I’m not that much into politics and government and stuff but when seeing this funeral, it makes me want to go out and vote, you know, when I turn 18 and do all those things,” said Tanner Laporte.

“I’ve seen how he’s really dedicated to the military and how he really cares about the military so yeah I can see myself joining a branch of the military in my future,” said an air force Junior ROTC student, Courtney Dauphine.

“It doesn’t matter which side you go politically, it’s just the realization that all these people at some point in our history, tried to help us and tried to lead us in world politics,” said the teacher. “Just knowing the significance of our president and their duties coming up as being legal adults in the United States and being able to vote is very important.”