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Pam Deville takes over as Director of Cajundome

Posted at 9:44 PM, Oct 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-31 23:10:04-04

Greg Davis has officially retired as director of the Cajundome and his position is being filled by his former assistant Pam Deville. Deville says she has a lot of plans in place to move the business forward.

“We’re looking at our marketing plan. We are looking at our strategic plan for the future, we are looking at budgets, we are talking to promoters. We are doing everything we can to make this a seamless transition, but hit the ground running with some new ideas,” Deville said.

Deville is taking over the business in the midst of a major deficit. KATC reported in August that the deficit was more than $425,000  for that fiscal year. She says she and her team have plans in place and new ideas they’re ready to put into action.

“We are evaluating what our outside potential is in the future as far as generating new revenue. We are at putting positions in dual purpose so that we get more bang for our buck from people. We are also looking at instituting an intern program with UL in to train our future employees. So there are a lot of things we are looking at. And right now we are breaking down the budget numbers and my main concern is getting more events into the building.”

She says other ideas include having an express lane for food ordered before you enter the building and also updating the domes app. There is one thing she believes has taken much of the Cajundome’s business.

“One of the things that have always for the last nine years that has had a negative impact on us is Bayou Country Fest. Any artist that signed at Bayou country fest signed a contract that the couldn’t perform in a 200-mile radius within 11 months. So that kicked a lot of talent out of our domain and it didn’t effect Shreveport, so a lot of our shows went there that should have come here.”

Deville says all businesses go through periods where revenue will slump, but she and he team are working through more innovative ways to bring business back to the Cajundome.

“We are going to be as attractive and progressing as we can possibly be. Lafayette it a great community and the Cajundome is an awesome venue.”