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Neighbors react after body found in Carencro

Posted at 10:48 PM, Oct 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-23 06:32:45-04

Questions remain as Carencro Police investigate a homicide.

Sunday night, a body was found in a ditch. Police say the man was found on Breaux Road near Francois Drive. An autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow.

Many neighbors we spoke with are disturbed at the discovery. They say Breaux Road is usually quiet, but police spent time knocking on doors looking for clues.

George Franklin did not know Carencro Police are investigating a homicide near his neighborhood until we met him in his driveway. He says he travels Breaux Road often.

“There is a lot of activity going on in these areas that people don’t know about or not aware of and don’t pay attention to things like that. Some don’t care because they’re taking care of their families,” said Franklin.

Baylen Alex also lives near where the body was found. He says his family still feels safe and is confident in police.

“This is a one-time thing and everybody will be prepared for anything and trust your neighbors you know,” said Alex.

“If you can’t depend on your neighbor to help you, come to your rescue in time of need, what do you need with a neighbor,” Franklin said. “We all need help and need help one way or the other.”

Franklin is a former member of the Navy. Now, he’s part of a brotherhood. Several of his neighbors who are former military and police have formed a coalition.

“We’re trying to slow down traffic, watching homes for burglaries and we’re setting up cameras in a lot of different places where people can’t see them,” Franklin said. “We’re doing a lot of observing.”

Franklin is faithful in police and has a message for the person responsible.

“There’s a lot of things you think you can get away with, but you don’t get away with them. No, God has a way to correct everything that you do. When you do wrong, he’ll figure you out and get you caught.”

If you have information on this incident, call Carencro Police.