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LPSS will decide to make changes to the Pupil Progression Plan

Posted at 5:58 PM, Sep 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-28 19:19:06-04

On Wednesday, the Lafayette Parish School Board will vote to amend the Pupil Progress Plan (PPP) that was put into place this school year.

On the LPSS agenda for Wednesday, the item reads:

The proposed revisions to the current PPP are based on requests and input from parents, teacher, and administrator stakeholder groups. The attachment is a comparison between the current PPP and the proposed revisions. The left side of the attachment shows the current PPP in black. The right side of the document shows the proposed changes and additions in red.

While teachers will begin re-engagement activities within a week of the request, the re-engagement process has no specific timeline for completion due to the nature of the activity and ability of the student. Likewise, there is no specific time for the re-assessment to take place, as this is related to the nature of the activity and the ability of the student. There are no specific guidelines for completion of the re-engagement. Teachers will make this determination based on informal observations and data gathered during the process.

Re-assessments will not necessarily occur for all students at the same time, as students master the content at different rates. Teachers may re-assess students more than once. However, the number of re-assessments may be limited due to constraints of the instructional calendar and the scope and sequence of the curriculum.

Kindergarten and1st-grade students are not included in the proposed re-engagement and re-assessment section, as these grade levels measure progress through standards-based grading. Grades are not calculated using averages. Instead, grades are based on a preponderance of evidence at that point in time.

If the amendments are approved, the PPP will be re-submitted to the Louisisna Department of Education.


The new proposal consist of changes and additions. You can read some of them below.

  • Change the number of formative and summative grades moving forward.
  • Change to the grade range and point minimum for certain projects.
  • Allow teachers to choose to replace the higher grade with lower grade when a student makes an “F” on a test. Or allow the teacher has the option to average the original grade and the reassessment grade.
  • Change the way reassessments are formatted. For example,  the original assessment may be multiple choice but teachers will have the discretion to make the new test essay form.
  • Prior to reassessment, students must show a new knowledge or improved skill set before having the privilege of being reassessed.
  • Ensure Early college students will have their numerical grade converted to a letter grade to reflect on their report cards.

To read the entire document click here.