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Third Congressional District candidates sound off on Kavanaugh

Posted at 1:35 PM, Sep 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-26 14:54:48-04

As the controversy over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh continues, we reached out to each of the candidates running for U.S. Representative, third district, to ask for their views.

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Here’s what we’ve received from the candidates, who are listed in alphabetical order. We reached out to all the candidates on Tuesday, but candidate Larry Rader, a Democrat from New Iberia, did not respond as of today. Lafayette Democrat Mimi Methvin did not send us a statement as of today, but she did talk to us about her own experiences this week; you can see that story here.

Rob Anderson, a DeQuincy Democrat, provided the following statement:

The Supreme Court is one of our nation’s most important institutions. Our founders brilliantly designed not only a system of checks and balances but also a process to appoint justices. President Trump has nominated a qualified candidate, but if the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh prove true, then its imperative the Senate reject his nomination. I look forward to a vigorous debate.

Aaron J. Andrus, a Libertarian from Westlake, sent the following statement:

Personally, I am opposed to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation based simply on the fact that he helped author the Patriot Act and was one of the contributors to the idea of warrantless searches, a direct and flagrant violation of the Fourth Amendment. In regards to the recent allegations against him, I think this is a time where hyper-partisan bickering needs to take a back burner to the seriousness of the allegations. I have no clue if these allegations are true or false. No one does outside of Judge Kavanaugh and those who have levied the charges against him. The Senate needs to practice due diligence and allow testimony from the accusers as well as allow Judge Kavanaugh the ability to provide a defense of his innocence. There is no rush for him to be nominated, but at the same time, the hearings should not be prolonged indefinitely. Sexual assault is a most serious violation of an individual’s right to self-ownership, life and liberty. Under no circumstances should we take an issue this serious lightly and give into partisan politics at the expense of truth.

Josh Guillory, a republican from Lafayette, sent the following statement:
What is happening on Capitol Hill is a circus.  The allegations made against Judge Kavanaugh are very serious, and the women should be given a chance to tell their story.  I don’t agree with Senator Feinstein holding back any information that she may have had earlier in this process, but I do think the women should be allowed to speak.  Judge Kavanaugh should be given a chance to defend himself, and then the Senate should vote.  America deserves a vote on a Supreme Court vacancy that has been left empty far too long.

U.S. Rep. Clay Higgins, the Republican incumbent, sent the following statement:

Judge Kavanaugh is a highly-qualified and well-regarded judicial nominee. He has categorically denied all allegations. Judge Kavanaugh underwent one of the most rigorous vetting processes in the history of our country, including six investigations by the FBI. His accusers have failed to offer any credible evidence regarding the allegations from 35 years ago. This is not the process that our Founding Fathers intended, and all Americans should be alarmed at the total lack of due process being given to Judge Kavanaugh and his family. If his accusers have evidence supporting their claims, then that evidence should be presented before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Otherwise, the Senate should vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh without further delay.

Here’s the statement from candidate Verone Thomas, a Democrat from Lake Charles:

Even though Deborah Ramirez’s claims seems to have many holes in it, Christine Blasey Ford and Ramirez’s claim is worth a full investigation.  The confirmation should not proceed until all doubt is removed.

It is very unfortunate that the issue of Sexual Abuse has saturated our political process in so many campaigns for public office lately, but it’s a must that we honor the claims by these women with a thorough investigation and the appropriate actions that are needed.

In this recent case of Christine Blasey Ford Vs. Brett Kavanaugh, the charges are very disturbing.  If the Senate hearing continues to present this as being a possibility of truth, I believe it’s a must that President Trump summit a new nominee for consideration.