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Homeowner confesses to shooting teenage trespassers

Posted at 6:01 PM, Sep 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-05 20:22:16-04

Three people are facing charges after an overnight shooting in Lafayette.

It happened on Carlton Drive, off Moss Street. An 18-year-old was shot and is being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

A family friend who did not want to go on camera says last week, the Carlton Drive homeowner was approached by two young men. The owner raises and sells chickens from his home.

“They wanted him to give them one,” said the family friend. “He told them no and said he would be willing to sell one. They said they were not interested in buying it.”

Fast forward to Wednesday morning, the friend says the teens came back to the house to steal the chickens.

“He was awakened by the dogs barking and the roosters. He went to the window and someone came in through the fence in the back. It was two guys he saw that had on a white hoodie.”

According to Lafayette Police, the homeowner shot 18-year-old Carneil Edmond during what they say is a “trespassing incident.” Edmond and 19-year-old Tiage Hudson are both facing trespassing charges. Meanwhile, the homeowner, 54-year-old John Broussard is facing an obstruction of justice and firearms charge.

“You know, he feared for his life and he did what most normal people would do in that instance when they’re afraid after someone is trying to break into their home,” said Broussard’s friend.

The home has no trespassing signs in the window and friends say this is not the first time the owner has been targeted by criminals.

“He was shot, he is partially paralyzed and walks with a cane and here’s some people who are possibly trying to come into his home.”
“This is not something he would have done just because. He was fearful for his life and that’s why the incident happened this way.”

According to LPD’s initial report, officers responded to Lacobie Road after reports of shots fired. After further investigation, police say the suspect left the original scene on Carlton Drive. Police say Broussard confessed to the shooting. After gaining permission to search his home, police found marijuana with a street value of $6,875.

Broussard’s gun was not found because police say he told them he threw the gun into the Vermilion River.