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Construction at Lafayette Airport to start before 2019

Posted at 10:03 PM, Aug 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-24 23:13:58-04

Construction on the new terminal at Lafayette Regional is set to start later this year. The recent grants will aid in the funding for the project. Lawmakers, employees, and passengers are looking forward to the expansion.

Senator John Kennedy spoke with KATC about the new airport construction on Friday.

“We are going to get a new terminal and it’s going to be twice as big as the old one,” Kennedy said.

The airport currently has only one terminal, which means everyone uses the same line for security. For some passengers, like Rebecca Bonnette, say another terminal could speed up TSA checks, especially during busy times.

“Leaving in the morning is always pretty miserable. Unless you get here an hour and 50 minutes before your flight, you are going to be waiting in line,” Bonnette said.

“The Federal Aeronautics Administration has given us some of their hard earned money. I think we got 11 million dollars a while back and then an additional 10 million,” Kennedy said.

Bonnette says she is ready to see that money put to use.

“A new terminal as far as security check goes, I hope it would speed up the process. So rather than being somewhere an hour and 50 minutes before, 30 or 45 minutes would cut your time in half and would help,” she said.

Airport employees believe this will help the Lafayette economy by allowing more flights to come in and helping with the TSA issues.