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Delcambre family reunited with missing mini-pig Jinx

Posted at 7:39 PM, Nov 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-13 23:26:04-05

After a day of searching, a Delcambre family has been reunited with their pet pig named Jinx.

Jinx was being held in Kaplan. Police have not confirmed if Jinx was taken from the owners home in Delcambre but an investigation is still ongoing.

8-year-old Sirae Broussard received Jinx four weeks ago for her birthday. Her father Brett Broussard says Jinx was given back to the Broussards through an intermediate person in Kaplan, about 20 miles away from their home in Delcambre.

Sirae Broussard and Jinx reunited.
Jinx the pig back with family after being found in Kaplan

Delcambre Police Department left no stone unturned in their endeavor to find the pet.

Tuesday morning, the Delcambre Police Department posted to social media asking for help from the public in locating a lost piglet.

The Facebook post explained that the mini-pig, named Jinx, is a family pet and the young girl is desperate to find him. The department said the animal was wearing a pink harness and has the number 17 tattooed on its left side.”

Delcambre Police Department left no stone unturned in their endeavor to find the pet, sending out a BOLO alert via social media.

Jinx was let out in her fenced-in pen underneath the Broussard’s back patio on Monday night when she disappeared.

Sirae’s dad Brett explained he designed the fence to prevent Jinx from getting out.

“We don’t see any way that she could have got out of here because we actually put her in here when I built it and I measured her and put all of these spaced apart where they were smaller than her,” explained Brett Broussard.

He believes someone must have snated Jinx from the pen, and he found evidence the morning after Jinx’s dissapearance that supports his suspicion.

Jinx’s body harness was left dangling from the watering hose reel connected to the side of his house.

“We never take this off unless we bathe her. And, when the sun came up the morning after she was missing off to the back, letting her out to potty, this harness was hanging right here,” said Brett Broussard.

The family believes that the harness shows that Jinx was deliberately taken from their home.

Josh Meny spoke with Broussard Tuesday afternoon. Watch the interview below:

Lost piglet in Delcambre
Lost piglet in Delcambre courtesy Delcambre Police Department

The buzz on Delcambre’s social media page must have caught people’s attention because a woman in Kaplan, nearly 20 miles away, called the police department claiming she had the mini-pig.

“She disappeared and we didn’t know where she disappeared to,” said Sirae Broussard.

Brett Broussard says he got Jinx back through an intermediate person, and that their story on how they got Jinx was a little sketchy.

Sirae told KATC’s Josh Meny that she wanted to take Jinx home for a warm bath in the lower than usual temperatures for Acadiana.

But, that’s neither here nor there at this point. All Sirae wants do now is take Jinx home and love her forever.