Smoked Meat: A Cajun Tradition

Posted at 6:41 AM, May 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-17 07:41:58-04

If you drive along any highway in Acadiana you’re bound to see two magical words, Specialty Meats.

A staple in south Louisiana cuisine, smoked meat may not get the headlines that seafood gets but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored.

“Younger people come in here and tell me it just tastes different, it tastes great,” T-Boy, the owner of T-Boys Slaughter House in Mamou.

The folks of south Louisiana have been smoking meat for generations, not only as a way to add flavor but initially as a method of preserving food.

It doesn’t take much to find those old techniques in use today with many of the smokehouses still employing old fashioned wood smokers.

So if you ever find yourself driving in Evangeline Parish keep your eyes peeled for those two words and taste not only a piece of history but a fine piece of culinary work as well.