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Stolen ATV hinders orphans’ trip to America

Posted at 10:27 PM, May 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-02 07:00:43-04

Mamou Police are looking for a four-wheeler that was stolen from a family overnight.

Stolen four-wheelers don’t typically make the news, but there’s a bigger story here. A story, tying an Evangeline Parish family to two orphans overseas.

Bianca Olivier is a mother of six. Four of her children live with her in Mamou, but for the last few years, she has been hosting two sisters who live in an orphanage in Europe. She says they have become her children as well.

“Each time for them to come it is $5,800. That was covered by us, we fundraised in different ways,” Olivier said.

This year fundraising didn’t go as well, so Olivier’s daughter had an idea.

“I asked God if it was the right thing to do, if that’s what he wanted me to do then I would do it,” says Aislinn Monterlaro. “I told my mom one day, ‘Momma do you think selling the four wheelers would help get the girls here?’ She said, ‘Oh my God, yes.’ ”

Olivier put the four-wheeler for sale online, but the next morning it was gone.

“I’m not angry. If they brought it back I wouldn’t even ask any questions. I would just be very thankful that they chose to bring it back,” says Olivier. “They’ve taken something that wasn’t there and was for sale from a 14-year old that felt led by God to sell her prized possession for orphans.”

The family says selling the four-wheeler was their last hope. They have 14 days to raise the money. They’re still hopeful they can get the girls here in time for summer.

You can help the family get the girls to Louisiana by clicking here.