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Family dogs fatally shot, dumped onto front yard

Posted at 9:57 PM, Apr 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-30 23:20:46-04

In Evangeline Parish, two dogs were shot, killed and dumped onto their owner’s front yard.

It happened last week in the Village of Chataignier, between Eunice and Ville Platte.

“It just kind of makes your blood boil,” said Craig Revere, who was home with his younger brother Austin when it happened.

The teens let their dogs out to use the bathroom in the front yard, which they say they usually do. When they looked outside later, they say their neighbor was wheel barreling something onto their property.

It was their two dogs Rocky and Rem, the stray pit bull and Labrador they adopted just a few months ago that turned into family.

“The two dogs are the sweetest dogs that I’ve ever met,” said Craig.

The dogs were found in the front yard, with bullet holes in their heads.

“When I saw that, I went straight over to the [neighbor’s] house and said ‘hey did you shoot my dogs?’ and he said ‘yep, I shot them.’ He was super happy-go-lucky, he was whistling. He said ‘Yep I shot them, pop, pop, pop.’ No remorse whatsoever,” said Craig.

Their father, Leo Bayard, was fighting back tears when talking about the dogs.

“Poor Rem was probably sitting right there when he shot him because he’s trained when you pull a gun out to sit down.  [The neighbor] was trying to say the dogs chased his kids. When they were strays, we found them at his house, they were playing and petting them every day,” said Bayard.

“[The dogs] would stay on our yard then the kids across the street would call him over and play with them, they’ve been playing with them all year,” said Craig.

Fortunately one of their other dogs named Faith survived.

“He said he shot the big black one and the brown one and this is the only brown dog we have so he must’ve just missed her and hit our pit bull. Ever since she came back she’s been super jumpy at just everything,” said Craig.

The family says they called the village police and filed a report, but the police told them they couldn’t do anything.

We reached out to Police Chief Clint Brasseaux. He says they are still investigating and will be looking into it more. Brasseaux says that since they are a small department with a few officers, the process takes longer.

Now the family is hugging their other dogs a little tighter, and hoping something will be done.

“[The police] told us it was immoral what he did by bringing them on the steps, but that’s the only thing he did wrong. I said ‘really? and putting them on my front porch?’ I said ‘you can’t charge them with trespassing?’ I want at least something to be done for my dogs, it won’t bring my dogs back, but still,” said Bayard.