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Bayou Teche Brewing and Tony Chachere's launch new Gumbo Stout

Posted at 9:27 PM, Nov 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-02 22:28:28-04

Bayou Teche Brewing and Tony Chachere's Famous Creole Cuisine have partnered to launch a new stout called Gumbo Stout. The beer is made with - you guessed it - gumbo.

The stout launched today at a party held at Bayou Teche Brewing in Arnaudville.

Video courtesy of Amanda Smith

The party included food trucks and fun games.

The brewing company says that adding gumbo to the beer gives the beverage a "roasted and smoky flavor, with a hint of caramel accentuated by salt, cayenne, and black peppers."

"You could say it's the Cajun version of the Mexican Michelada … spicy, savory and thirst quenching," said Brian Broussard, Bayou Teche Brewing's Brewmaster. "Gumbo Stout plays off of the savory flavors of Tony's Creole Roux with a nice, back-of-the-throat spiciness that traditional gumbo spices provide."

"When you think of gumbo, you think of Louisiana … and nothing could be better than working with a local brewing company to bring our true flavors together, said Gerard Daigle, Business Development Manager at Tony Chachere's. "Partnerships like this showcase the delicious combinations that can be brought to the tables of your home and restaurants."

There is still some of the limited-edition brew left. It will be distributed to local retailers next week and will only be out for a limited time.

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