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Crowley Fire Department hopeful to be back “home” soon

Posted at 10:15 PM, Feb 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-06 23:57:47-05

The Crowley Fire Department is hopeful it can soon move back into its firehouse. Water damage to the roof forced the department out of the building, and now the fire chief is bringing possible solutions to the council.

“We had some roof leaking issues, and we kind of figured out it was coming from the antenna that was used for communication on the top of the roof,” Chief Jody Viator said.

About five years ago, the city put a new roof on the firehouse, but the department still had problems. Chief Viator says he and the city council have been working to find solutions.

“We thought about putting on a metal roof, and then we had to get into engineering and seeing about weight and if the building could support the weight of the roof and through the process, it was taking time to get the engineers to reply back to us,” Viator said.

A councilman suggested a spray foam as a solution. Wednesday night, Viator brought bids to the council in hopes that foam could soon be installed on the firehouse roof.

“Well, they’ve been in this building we’ve been leasing for quite some time, and we need to get moving on these repairs,” Mayor Tim Monceaux said.

Firefighters are thankful to get the process started.

“We wouldn’t have to run in the rain. We are closer to the trucks, and it would be an easier transition and go back to normal like it was,” Olivia Richard said.