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Crowley family recovering from home invasion

Posted at 6:01 PM, Sep 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-03 01:20:47-04

Police are still investigating a home invasion that happened yesterday in Crowley.

The victim suffered moderate injuries, but is recovering. Police tracked the two suspects to a nearby trailer, but the suspects had fled. Detectives will be working with witnesses to identify them, Chief Jimmy Broussard said.

Peter Bright said he came home to a horrific sight.

“There was blood in the kitchen, in the living room, down the hallway, all the way back, all the way in the back bedroom, and she kept saying they took everything, they took everything,” said Bright.

Bright says she was beat with a pistol in front of their two grandchildren.

“The children are not doing well now. They are very badly traumatized.”

Police Chief Jimmy Broussard believes home-invaders likely targeted the house because they knew when it would be most vulnerable.

“We’re investigating all avenues, but it’s leading us to believe that this particular victim used the same pathway, traveled the same place, stayed the same certain times, and they knew when this victim would return,” said Broussard.

The victim says the suspects picked up on their routine; knowing where they worked and when they got paid.

Broussard is now advising residents to change up their schedule in order to reduce the possibility of being targeted.

“Don’t use the same pattern because if someone is looking to commit a crime, and you’re the specific target, they’re gonna be watching you. They’re gonna be watching when you leave, when you come back, what routes you use,” explained Broussard.

Broussard also suggests to change up when your lights are on or off, don’t let mail pile up, and if you have the money to afford surveillance cameras, they can deter criminals and also catch them in the act.​