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Laney Bourque of Abbeville received birthday cards in the mail....about 500 of them

A simple Facebook request made Bourque's birthday extra special
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Posted at 8:22 PM, Aug 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-18 15:14:37-04

ABBEVILLE — With the age of social media there's excitement in getting notifications of birthday wishes from friends but many still value the novelty of getting a card the old fashioned way...through the mail.

One Abbeville 18-year-old is feeling like a true birthday princess after the community responded to her mother's simple Facebook request.

Laney Bourque has been checking the mail for the last three years, but usually she only finds bills.

"She goes over there, and if it's a white letter with my name on it... 'mom its not mine, it's just a bill,'" Her mother Amanda Constantine said.

Constantine decided to post to Facebook asking for friends to wish Laney a Happy Birthday. Since the Facebook post, she has received at least 500 cards.

"Yesterday she got 80... this is even more than 100, and this is today, each binder holds 120 cards," Constantine said.

Laney was born with epilepsy, making everyday a challenge.

"There's so many times with a special needs kid, people look at you different and this shows people care; it's a nice feeling."

Constantine says each card has brought a smile to her and her daughter's face.

Constantine sits with her daughter at the kitchen table, a pile of cards in front of them, and reads one out loud. The message on the card is powerful.

"'Don't let others take you down for who you are.'"

Check out this Facebook page Constantine made for her daughter to highlight all the incredible gifts the community has sent Laney to help celebrate.